CDART, Technical Development Center R&D&I

CDART is a technological R&D&I center powered by Quonext Group. We work and service as a Software Factory, our team is qualified and multidisciplinary, formed by specialists in advanced solution development and with a large experience in projects on the main business management from Microsoft and Sage.

In CDART we call ourselves the partner of the partners because we partner with other technology companies. We offer the possibility to our partners to rely on the technical development work of our centers, offering our services backed by our know-how and more than 20 years of experience in the sector.


Development hours


Years of experience




System migrations

Reserch, development and innovation

At CDART, we base our activity on reserch projects, such a design and development patterns, always looking for software performance and optimization. Because of our highly trained technical team with a multidisciplinary trainging, we exacute development task, always applying the most innovative practices and methodologies. We are involved in the main technicl communitires, and we always align with the sector and market trens, thanks to our global technological vision.

Benefits of working with a Software Factory like CDART


Reduce operating costs

Your technical team can’t cover the entire volume of work in the timing agrreed with the client? Do you need to complement your team with management platform specialists? Do you want to outsource the development of integrations between diferent systems?

CDART is the highly spacialized technical team that will allow you to manage these workflow changes in a profitable way, providing you with your experience and resources in complete projects or only in those phases where it is required.


Deliverables quality

In CDART we work with agile methodologies, like Scrum, which allows versatile changes to be made in full development of a project, incremental deliveries ad immediate response to the changes thus reducing up to 50% in operational failures. In addition, we have an automation of the testing process based on the use cases provided by the client.


Increase in productivity

Think about this, what really adds value to your client? Your knowledge of their sector, business and the proximity that is offered from the consulting area.

Thanks to this collaboration model you will have a strong structure where you really need it, next to your customers, growing your business and loyalty your portfolio. CDART will take care of all the technical work in the backoffice, with full transparency.


Availability of skills and specialization

We have a complete and multidisciplinary team, with different complementary skills to each other, to cover all the requirements in any project. We provide value in all phases of a project that require a design, analysis or development. In addition, we also have extensive experience in integrating different platforms and manufacturers.


Time-to-Market reduction

The greatest value of the Agile methodology is the achievement of short-term results, which allows us a greater capacity to react to market changes: new consumer behavior, evolution of purchasing processes, emergence of new technologies. In addition, it facilitates the prioritization of what really generates value to the business. We can win a reduction of 30% up to 75% in the “Time to Market”.



Having more flexibility, being able to work in more projects, thanks to the outsourcing of development work and minimizing risks, by having a more adequate structure that allows to confront all projects with guarantees. In addition, you can reach larger projects, without risks and with fully cost control.